Summer Update July 31, 2019

Dear Charger Families,

As the school year quickly approaches we wanted to make a few announcements and address some concerns over supplies and materials for the school year.

First, one of our top priorities as a school community it to ensure all of our students are set up for success in the best way possible. As such, we do order the essential supplies for students in addition to the supply drive run by the PTO towards the end of each school year.

Should you be inclined to purchase further supplies or those of your choosing, here are a few suggestions:
– pens and pencils
– 3-ring binders
– small pencil sharpener
– highlighters
– notebooks
– backpack

Aside from these items, students should need very little else, regardless of grade-level. Please refrain from sending your child to school with whiteout or permanent markers.

Should you be inclined to donate supplies to the school, please contact the main office and we will gladly add those items to our inventory.

In addition to the supply list, Homerooms for all grades will be posted on the front door of the school by 4PM on Friday, August 23rd. Open House for all grades will take place on Monday, August 26th from 5-6:30pm.

Please stay tuned for more updates and information as the month of August progresses.

Thank you in advance.

Mr. Mele & Mr. Poor