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  • From Mrs. Donaghey- Art Teacher


    Dear Parents,

    My Name is Cherilyn Donaghey, and I am the new art teacher this year! I am very excited to meet and work with each of your students. This letter is to let you know that I have an Instagram account I like to use for my classroom that showcases what we are doing in art class. Sometimes I post pictures of the artwork they are creating and sometimes I post pictures of the students and their finished projects. I would like to invite you to follow me so that you can see some of the fun we will be having in class, and to see the beautiful art they will be making!

    You can follow me on Instagram @MrsDs_Artroom

    Thank you!

    Cherilyn Donaghey


    If you WOULD NOT like your child to be photographed, please return this slip filled out and signed.

    Student Name Printed:____________________________________________

    Student Grade: ___________

    Student Group #:____________


  • Math Summer Work Link

    Here’s the link to the PARENT INFORMATION folder in Google drive:
    This PARENT INFORMATION folder can be found on the HPS site under the mathematics portion of the curriculum page.
    The folder includes a SUMMER WORK folder of which the assignments for the advanced classes are required.
  • Ms. Todd’s & the Consentino Elementary School Ice Cream Social!!!!

  • Lowell Spinners Night!!!!!!!


    It’s a great time for family and friends!  Get your tickets before they are gone!!!

  • 2017 Honors Banquet- May 18, 2017

  • Swinging Fore Mark Golf Tournament

    Haverhill Public Schools and Consentino School are proud to support this event for such a valued family of our community!

    Mr. Scully, Jill Whelan, Mike Jarvis

  • THANK YOU PTO!!!!!!!!

    Thank you to the Consentino PTO for the Selfie Stick

    From: Mrs. Elfakih and her 8th grade Advanced Math Class

  • Weekly Parent Update Part 2- April 1, 2017

    Below are some more important events that I forgot to add in my previous email:

    Class of 2021 – Freshman Meet and Greet

    On Tuesday, April 11th in the Haverhill High School gymnasium, we are holding a Freshman Meet and Greet for all 8th graders who would like to hear more about becoming a member of Hillie Nation. We will have speakers from our administration, athletics, our academies, transportation, food service, club advisors, along with our freshman teachers and a student panel to talk about all that HHS has to offer. We thank Mr. Faircloth for coordinating the event and we invite all 8th grade students, parents and guardians to the Meet and Greet starting at 6:00.

    Academic Bowl Tournament (All matches will be held at Consentino School)

    Junior teams will be going first, starting at 4:30, second match around 5:15-5:30 depending on the first match. Then the seniors will go.

    Tuesday 4/4 6:15ish Consentino vs. Whittier and then 7:15ish St. Joe’s vs. Nettle.

    Wednesday 4/5 (same times) first meet Hunking vs. lower of the winners from Tuesday and second meet Sacred Hearts vs. higher of the winners from Tuesday.

    Thursday 4/6 JUNIORS FINALS 5:00


    There will be a short awards presentation after each of the final matches.


  • Weekly Parent Update 4/1/17

    Good Morning,
    I hope this email finds you and your families well on this snowy Saturday.  ELA MCAS begins this week.  I sent out the schedule last Saturday.  If you have any questions, please call the office and ask for Dr. Hagerty or email her at erin.hagerty@haverhill-ps.org.  During testing windows, students must be on time for school everyday-especially if they are testing.  Testing begins promptly at 8:47 am.  I will be sending out the Academic Bowl schedule for the playoffs as soon as Miss Hoffman emails it to me.  All championship events will be held at Consentino.
    Below are some important events/reminders:
    • April 3- Staff meeting- Teachers will not be available for extra help on this day.
    • MCAS begins.
    • April 6- Volleyball vs. St. Joseph’s @ Consentino.  Girls play first.
    Thank you again for all your support.  Mr. Jarvis, Mrs. Lucas, and I are truly blessed to work with the best students, parents, and staff in the city.  Enjoy the weekend with your families.
    Mr. Mele

    Congratulations to all of our Honors and High Honor students from Trimester 2

    Grade 5 High Honors

    Alyssa Adams, Iospeh Aleman, Naima Bogran, Aniyah Colon, Emmelia Contreras, Danazia Crawley, Saige Cullen, Elianny De La Cruz, Phillppe Jean Michel, Arianna Jiminez, Kenny Jiminez, Dominic Luhrs, Isabella Puzniak

    Grade 5 Honors

    Rayan Aianane, Liriano Astacio, Armani Ayala, Christopher Bognanno, Patrick Cahill, Jake Cerullo, Karen Cordero, Joesliam Cotto, Nioelis Del Rosario Perez, Amir Elmakhouk, Cynthia Feoli, Elijah Hill, Yocel Infante Castillo, Christina Khalil, Nikolas Lacerte, Jasmine Lee, Marylee Limardo, Jayline Maldonado, Asyah Mensah, Liam Murphy, Sierra Nunez-Dembowski, Jesus Perez, Dayana Portillo, Jaynelis Rosa, Adriel Santos, Kathryn Stock, Nicholas Terilli, Carter Thibodeau, Emiliano Tiburcio Munoz, Camila Tiburcio, Azel Valdez, Ava Vasquez, William Vega, Kate Vivia Romero, Ivante Ward, Riley Whelan

    Grade 6 High Honors

    Makram Al-Banaa, Cameron benson, John Callahan, Julia Camasso, Grace Colantuoni, John Costa, Thomas Darisse, Madison Dawkins, Camerom Dunkley, Colton Eleves, Tyler Fewell, Anna Galbraith, Elizabeth Galbraith, Francheska Genao Gutierrez, Alissa Given, Paige Gosselin, Jose Infante Rodriguez, Jack Ivancic, Jack Lancaster, Alyssa Leblanc, William Lee, Tyler Mello, Matthew Murphy, Abigail Pernilla-Roche, Andrew Potvin, icholas Samaha, Colin Saumsiegle, Marissa Stevenson, Jacqueline Story, Ashley Tran, Anyelis Vargas, Mya Vasquez-Martinez, Lana Viola, Amare Walker, Ryan Wentworth, James Zbitnoff

    Grade 6 Honors

    Carina Archer, Maryanne Bailey, Marcus Bognanno, Kishaya Browne, Leah Colantuini, Cailey Cook, Rubi Corona, Tyanna De La Fuente, Dayanira Dejesus, Lily Delaney, Cindy Dos Santos, Dina Doucee, Nayeila Fernandez, Nathanial Gallant, Eva Gates, Kristin Gomez, Juliet Gonzalez, Thomas Goodwin, Deyanarah Gutierrez, Margaret Halloran, William Halloran, Loricell Hernandez Dilone, Makai Huon, Amely Hussein, Izaiah Igartua Rivera, Madison Jameson, Dylan Kane, Trent Lanum, Zachary Laviolette, Joshua Leblanc, Madison Marriot, Colin McAninch, Ashley Paszko, Devin Pelletier, Diego Peralta, Bryan Potter, Marisella Quinones, Araik Ramirez Andujar, Samuel Ramsdell, Yamisell Rivera-Perez, Leslie Rodriguez, Ajah Rogers, Michael Rogers, Darianny Samboy Goris, Noah Solorzano-Levesque, Daniel Stevenson, Dalia Sweeney, Isabella Tu, Sydney Vets, Arturo Zuniga

    Grade 7 High Honors

    Marcus Antonelli, Aiden Azevedo, Aiden Bean, Nicole Calleja, Elijsha Christie, Kayla Davis, Leison De La Cruz, Olivia DeCicco, Brendan Dodier, Jake Garrity, Daniela Giordano, Emma Guiffre, Stephanie Given, Christina Hamel, Devan Judson, Hannah Kiernan, Cassandra King, Kiandra Loukx, Christian Melo, Abiel Mendez, Makenzy Mimms, Tyler Paszko, Sebastian Peralta Ynoa, Davian Perez, Charles Rastaukas, Drew Roberts, Bridgette Vazquez, Ashley Walters


    Grade 7 Honors

    Arlette Aracena, Devin Bailey, Dylan Bakke, Ethan Ball, Jade Banks, Calvin Barker, David Barreto, Marina Camponescki, Emly Colantuoni, Stephanie Dejesus, Agharese Efosa-Aguebor, Evan Foskett, David Garcia, Maria Genoa Gutierrez, Giselle Gonzalez, Kendall Hamilton, Juliana Hammond, Callie Hernandez, Jesus Infante Rodriguez, Monique Jennings, Cierra Justiano, Kyra Kimani, Jessica lewis, Nolan Macario, Daniel McLaughlin, Nyla McNally, Beyonce Mejia, Tin Nguyen, Michael Novotny, Anthony Olivieri, Dandrel Perez, Tiana Reese, Audrianna Rivera, Lilia Silva, Jacob Spreadborough

    Grade 8 High Honors

    Julia Ahern, Juriely Berroa, Aiden Bull, Kaylee Chiemleski, Samuel Colon-Waldron, Arianna Connor, Haleigh Conrad, Aiden Cocoran, Jacob DiMauro, Michaela Gunning, Crystal Gutierrez, MacKenzie Harris, Nayalis Hernandez, Kelly Igoe, Patrick Kelleher, April Maniscalco, Zoe Martin, Alivia Miller, Mackenzie Murphy, Erin O’Neil, Shiloh Osmer, Madison Owens, Keilynn Rodriguez, John Santomassino, Connor Saumsiegle, Hope Sunseri, Theodore Thomson, Madison Walsh, Sarah Walters, Emily Warchol, Brendan Whelan

    Grade 8 Honors

    Skyla Acosta, Jacob Albis, Kailyn Alder, Enrique Alvarado, William Bailey, Jack Barron, Ryan Brown, Madilyn Bruno, Alivia Bulman, Kamilah Cannon, Ryle Cerullo, Caleb Cook, Giullianni Crespo, David Cummings, Meghan Dellea, Tara Duggan, Shelby Eason, Connor Firek, Joseph Galbraith, Emily Gosselin, Cailey Grandmaison, Rebecca Hamel, Jihari Hampton, Hanna Holmes, Courtney Howell, Kenneth Howshan, Antonio Infante, Thomas Kinnal, Claudia Klinger, Olga Lambrianidis, Franklin Libby, Maegan Lundin, William Madden, Megan McAuliffe, Desiree Modugno, Jeremais Montero Jiminez, Elijah Moses, Dat Nguyen, William O’Brien, Kaileigh O’Connell, Molly Owen, Genaro Reyes, Joshua Roberts, Ashley Rodriguez, Jaelen Rodriguez, Christopher Rogers, Joshua Saab, Alexis Smith, Artemisia Stamoulis, Ethec Taabi, Carolin Taveras, Kayla Tran, Grace Tumushabe, Jennifer Vazquez-Cedeno, Ashleigh Viola, Brian Wrenn, Sadie Yapor

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