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  • Homerooms 2016-2017

    View/download homerooms by clicking here Consentino HR 2016-2017. This list will also be posted on the main door Friday, August 26, 2016 by 9:00 AM.

  • School Supply List 2016-2017

    Welcome to the school year 2016-2017.

    Click here to view/download this year’s school supply list.

    If you don’t see your teacher’s name, don’t worry. The lists are more or less the same in each grade. If anything different or additional is expected by your teacher, do not worry; you will have plenty of time to comply.

    We wish you all the best this school year. Go CHARGERS.

  • Summer Update

    Good Morning,
    I hope this email finds you and your families well during this beautiful summer.  I just want to give you some updates.
    • The library and hallways are coming along great.  They will be finished by next Friday.  The gym has also been refinished.  It looks awesome.  The kids will love it.  I want to thank Mr. Scully, Mr. Fulgoni, and Mr. Geary for always thinking of us here at Consentino.  You will be very impressed with the finished products.
    • Open house dates:  August 29 for grades 1-4 from 5:00-6:30.    August 30 First Day for grades 1-12   August 31 for grades 5-8 from 5:00-6:30.
    • Homerooms will be posted online and on the front doors on August 26.
    Thank you again for all your support.  I am looking forward to seeing everyone on the Open House dates.  Enjoy the rest of the summer with your families.  If you need to reach me, email me at
    Mr. Mele
  • Weekly Parent Update 06/18/16

    Good Morning,
    I hope this email finds you and your families well on the first day of summer vacation. We had a great year, and I hope you are able to spend some quality time with your families this summer. Below are a few reminders and important messages:
    Students received their report cards yesterday. If your child did not receive one, please stop by the office next week.  

    Construction begins on the library and hallways on Monday. We expect construction to be finished either the first or second week of August.   

    Homerooms will be posted online as soon as the information is entered into the system. We will post homerooms on our front doors on Friday, August 26, 2016.  

    Summer school will be held at Nettle and Golden Hill Schools this year. If you have any questions, please call the Assistant Superintendent’s office for more information.  

    First day of school will be August 30, 2016 for grades 1-12.  

    Thank you again for a great school year. Enjoy the summer with your families. I will be in periodically during the summer if you have any questions. You can always email me at  
    Mr. Mele

  • Lowell Spinners Tickets

    Please purchase Lowell Spinners tickets. See attached flyer. Lowell spinners

  • Spirit week June 14th-17th 2016

    Here is the Spirit Week June 14 to June 17 flyer.

  • Weekly Parent Update 6/11/16

    Good Morning,
    I hope you and your families are well on this Saturday morning. I want to welcome back our sixth graders from Ferry Beach. I was told that all went well and the children were the best-behaved group. I want to thank the teachers who chaperoned this weeklong trip. 
    Our gr. 1-4 kiddos had their field day at Silver Hill yesterday. It was a beautiful day and the children and staff had a great time. I want to thank Mrs. Dellea for putting together a wonderful day for the kids. 
    Next week is very busy. There are many events planned for the last week of school. Below is the schedule of events:
    June 13- Silver Hill gr. 5 visits Consentino at 9:30.

    June 14- Gr. 7 to Canobie Lake

                                   Tilton Gr. 4 visits Consentino at 9:30.
    June 15- Gr. 1-4 Concert at 9:30. 

                                   Talent Show Gr. 1-4 in the am and Gr. 5-8 in the pm. 
    June 16- Promotion Ceremony at 5:30. Students must be in their homerooms by 5:00 pm at the latest. The promotion dance and dinner will follow the ceremony. Please be sure your children are picked up promptly after the dance.  

    June 17- Last day. Students will be released at 11:05 am. Happy Summer.

    June 20- Construction of Library and hallway ceilings begin. We expect to have everything finished by the first week in August.   

    I want to take this opportunity to thank you for such a wonderful year. As I say every week: I am truly blessed to work with the best students, staff, and parents in the city of Haverhill. Enjoy the summer with your families. I will be in periodically during the summer. Just email me if you have any questions. 

  • Weekly Parent Update 06/04/16

    Good Morning,
    I hope this email finds you and your families well on this Saturday morning.  I want to welcome back our eighth graders and staff from Washington, DC.  I am told that the kids had a great time and were well-behaved.  
    I want to thank Ms. Spreadborough and her students for cleaning up the courtyard.  They did a fabulous job and I have received many positive comments on how beautiful it looks.
    I also want to congratulate the 2016 HHS graduates.  It was a tremendous ceremony, and it was nice to see so many ABC graduates accepting their diplomas.  Congratulations to Aubrey Campbell (Class President and ABC Charger) for delivering an excellent speech to wish her fellow classmates good luck in their future endeavors. I had the privilege of being Aubrey’s assistant principal. She is a Charger through and through.  Good luck at U-Mass next year.  I know you will do great things.  
    This has been a very busy week at school.  PARCC testing has finished for all grades.  Make-ups will be Monday, June 6.  There are many exciting events and trips scheduled in the next two weeks.  Below are the events scheduled for next week:
    • June 6- June Jubilee Concert Gr. 5-8  7:00 pm
                    Grade 5 to Museum of Science
    • June 7- Gr. 6 to Ferry Beach until Friday
                    Gr. 5 to Academy Lanes
                     Title I Bowling Night @ Academy Lanes 5-7 pm
    • June 8- Gr. 8 to Cedardale
    • June 10- Gr. 1-4 Field Day @Silver Hill.  I want to thank Mrs. Shepherd and Mrs. Russell for welcoming our kiddos to their fun event.  I greatly appreciate their hospitality.  
    Featured Student of the Week:  Joseph Harrison (Nominated by Mrs. King)  Joe has greatly improved his classroom and homework effort.  His grades have improved dramatically, and that is a credit to his hard work.  
    Featured Staff Member of the Week:  Mr. Shirling (Nominated by Mr. Mele)  Bobby has done a tremendous job stabilizing the grade 8 math groups that he services.  Students, parents, and staff have commented on how caring and compassionate Robert is with the children.  
    Thank you again for all your support.  I am truly blessed to work with the best students, parents, and staff in the city.  Enjoy the weekend with your families.  
    Mr. Mele
  • Weekly Parent Update 5/28/16

    Good Morning,
    I hope this email finds you and your families well on this Memorial Day weekend. I want to thank Miss Cranton for singing “God Bless America” Friday morning over the intercom to honor all soldiers who have died protecting our great country. 
    PARCC testing is almost completed. Next week, third and fourth graders will take the math portion of the test. I want to thank Dr. Thakkar for facilitating this huge project. We test the most students in the entire city. 
    Below are some important reminders/events:
    Today is the Sons of Italy Road Race at the Methuen club on 110 in Methuen. The walk starts at 10:30 and the race begins at 11:00. If you would like to register, go to This race benefits the Veterans Northeast Outreach Center.  

    Gr. 8 students to Washington, DC Tuesday morning. Students must be at school by 5:30 am.   

    Gr. 8 students not on Washington trip will be walking to Chunky’s on Thursday.

    Gr. 3,4 Math PARCC will begin May 31.  

    I would like to thank all staff who have been assisting with the PARCC and MCAS tests.  

    Thank you to Mrs. Wrisley and Miss Kimball for resurrecting the Talent Show. The kiddos are really looking forward to this fun event.  

    From Nurse Dianne:

    To the 6th grade parents/guardians, Please be advised that per MDPH, in order for your child to enter the 7th grade, you will need to provide the school nurse with a record of a Tdap and Varicella immunization and a current physical. Please send the documentation if you have not already done so to insure your child will not be excluded from school next September.

    From Mr. Jarvis:

    It has come to our attention a significant number of students have been drawing a square with a black sharpie on their wrists. Then they take a cell phone flashlight and press it onto the square and hold it until the “shock”sensation becomes unbearable. This started as an Internet challenge and is spreading rapidly. The issue is the damage overloading skin cells with that high of light intensity can cause damage to the skin as well as to veins. The second Challenge of concern is the Ice challenge, where students put salt on their arms and then use ice cubes to create a “dry Ice burning” sensation for however long they can tolerate the pain.

    We are working towards educating our students about the dangers of these activities. It is our hope that this fad will pass soon, and with proper education about damaging skin cells with intense light (which is an enhanced and more damaging version of a tanning bed affect) we can eliminate this growing issue.
    We have seen students as young as second grade being subjected to these challenges. 
    ​Featured Students of the Week: Isabelle DaRosa and Sarah Levesque (Gr. 8) Nominated by Mr. Mele- These two girls have taken it upon themselves to paint “Chargers” on the newly painted walls in the gym. They have been coming after school to paint and put the finishing touches on the project. They are both excellent students and citizens of the Consentino community.  

    Featured Staff Members of the Week:

    Mrs. O’Neil (Nominated by Dr. Thakkar) Mrs. O’Neil helped out this week with testing an out of district placement student with accommodations. She had to juggle her regular work and add additional responsibility of testing MCAS and PARCC for the student who is not even our student. She took care of the student compassionately and made sure all tests were completed on time to report to DESE according to the articulation agreement with the state.  

    Mr. Begley (Nominated by Mr. Mele) Mr. Begley has been overseeing the painting process that Sarah and Isabelle have completed. He always goes above and beyond to support our students and school community.  

    Thank you again for all your support. I am truly blessed to work with the best students, staff, and parents in the city of Haverhill. Enjoy this long weekend with your families. 
    Mr. Mele

  • Weekly Parent Update 5/22/16

    Good Morning,
    I hope this email finds you and your families well on this Sunday morning. Typically, I send the email out on Saturday, but my daughter graduated from college yesterday. This has been another busy week at school. We are gearing up for many upcoming evening celebrations and field trips. 
    I want to congratulate Mrs. Joy on her upcoming retirement. I was honored to be invited to the HEA event last Thursday night. Mr. Parolisi gave an exemplary speech honoring Mrs. Joy for her many years of teaching at Consentino.
    Below are some important reminders, events:
    I want to thank Mrs. Miller for all her hard work organizing the Honors Banquet, which was held last Thursday night. She does a phenomenal job and the kids and parents thoroughly enjoyed themselves. I also want to thank staff for coming out Thursday night to support our students. It was a great night and I received many compliments from parents praising Mrs. Miller and our teachers. Congratulations to our new inductees. They are an awesome group of kiddos. 
    May 23- Elementary Curriculum meetings.  

    May 25- Write Away celebration 6:30 @ HHS

    May 25- Gr. 4, 5 Track meet at HHS 3:45 pm 

    This Monday and Tuesday will be PARCC ELA tests for grades 5 and 6. Gr. 3 and 4 will test PARCC ELA on Wednesday-Friday.  

    Featured Students of the Week: Meghan Dellea and Mackenzie Murphy (Gr. 7) Nominated by Miss Watts- Meggie and Mackenzie have been helping out during PARCC testing tremendously. Both students have been running and checking devices and helping me out with anything that I have asked. Both of these students are also leaders in the 7th grade who always go above and beyond to help others. They are excellent young ladies and are a pleasure to have in class. Lastly, we are very proud of them being inducted into the Honors Society last night. They are Chargers through and through.  
    Featured Staff Members of the Week: Mr. Hammond (Nominated by Mrs. Garon) I wanted to tell you how truly awesome Brian Hammond is. I would love to nominate him for teacher of the week. He has gone beyond the call of duty on several occasions, however today during a students meeting he was brilliant. He came prepared and spoke genuinely, as well as thoughtfully. For these reasons and many more I would like to nominate him. ​
    Mrs. Miller (Nominated by Mrs. Wrisley and Mr. Mele) Jenn’s hard work the past couple weeks showed tonight at the banquet. To advise this group and do all the fundraisers, meetings, and prep work by herself is a true Charger! Mrs. Miller is always willing to help out around the school in any way needed. People may not notice these things, but that is because Jenn is very humble and unassuming.  
    Thank you for all your help this week. I am truly blessed to work with the best students, staff, and parents in the city of Haverhill. ​Enjoy this Sunday with your families.
    Mr. Mele

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