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  • Weekly Parent Update Part 2- April 1, 2017

    Below are some more important events that I forgot to add in my previous email:

    Class of 2021 – Freshman Meet and Greet

    On Tuesday, April 11th in the Haverhill High School gymnasium, we are holding a Freshman Meet and Greet for all 8th graders who would like to hear more about becoming a member of Hillie Nation. We will have speakers from our administration, athletics, our academies, transportation, food service, club advisors, along with our freshman teachers and a student panel to talk about all that HHS has to offer. We thank Mr. Faircloth for coordinating the event and we invite all 8th grade students, parents and guardians to the Meet and Greet starting at 6:00.

    Academic Bowl Tournament (All matches will be held at Consentino School)

    Junior teams will be going first, starting at 4:30, second match around 5:15-5:30 depending on the first match. Then the seniors will go.

    Tuesday 4/4 6:15ish Consentino vs. Whittier and then 7:15ish St. Joe’s vs. Nettle.

    Wednesday 4/5 (same times) first meet Hunking vs. lower of the winners from Tuesday and second meet Sacred Hearts vs. higher of the winners from Tuesday.

    Thursday 4/6 JUNIORS FINALS 5:00


    There will be a short awards presentation after each of the final matches.


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